Now Available on Amazon: A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Life, Not Just a Living

The book features real stories of lawyers who come from the Public Defender's office to the City Attorney's office solo practices and big national firms, corporate settings and government, as well as academia and the bench. They are ordinary lawyers doing extraordinary things. You will read what they overcame to have a sense of fulfillment, what they discovered about themselves, and how they achieved their equilibrium.
A portion of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Law School… Yes We Can.



Are You Unhappy? What Do You Want?

When you think about success you probably think of the millions of things you think you “have” to do. The things everybody tells you that are...

Silence the Critic!

I worked with a new client and we embarked on a journey to figure out what she needs to do to leave her job and...

Could You Be on the Highway to Disaster?

Do you want a sure-fire way to predict when something is going to go terribly wrong? There is a way and it’s not a crystal ball...

Legal Business Development: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Beyond your wildest dreams… First… you have to dare to dream! Sometimes there is a fine line between pain and pleasure… dreams and nightmares. We have...

Progress Over Perfection

One of the obstacles that get in the way of progress for many of my clients is waiting for things to be “perfect” before they...

12 Questions to Help You Identify What You Want in 2019

First—was 2018 what you imagined it would be? Oh, you didn’t really think about what you wanted to accomplish in 2018? You just went where...


Complimentary Chapter

For a limited time, I am offering complimentary access to the audio of Chapter Four : Are You Pre-Programmed? Featuring Candace Duff and Miko Brown.Special Report

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