How to Analyze Your Personal Brand

Everyone has a personal brand whether they realize it or not. Your personal brand is simply how you are perceived by the people you interact with.

What is your personal brand, and is it telling the story that you WANT it to be telling?

Sometimes your personal brand can actually hurt you. I once had a client whose office was always a mess. She later learned that her messy office led people to think she was disorganized, making them hesitant to trust her with important matters.

It’s hard for you to accurately assess your OWN personal brand. You tend to see yourself differently than everyone else sees you.

So what to do? Ask others. Send the following series of questions to trusted friends, family members, and colleagues. Ask them for their honest feedback.

  • If we have a 2 PM meeting, what time do you expect me to show up?
  • If you send me an email with a question, how soon do you expect me to respond?
  • To what extent do you trust me with sensitive information?
  • Would you consider me organized, or disorganized?

  • Am I someone you trust to always get the job done?

  • Do you consider me a good listener?

  • When you think about me, what are the first three descriptive words that come to mind?

You may be surprised at what you learn. But after you do this exercise, you’ll have a more accurate assessment of your personal brand. If you’re happy with what you learn, great! If not, now you know what you need to work on.

If you have questions about this topic and would like to discuss it further, I’m here! I’m currently offering a complimentary coaching session…just click here to sign up.

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Written by Paula Black

Paula Black

"I will help you figure out a way to have a thriving practice... doing what you love... while having a great life outside of work." Does that sound too good to be true? It's not. I've helped hundreds of lawyers do exactly that. I believe that one can find harmony between work, family, and play. I've seen it happen, time and time again, and I know that it can happen for you, too. I believe that you really can "have it all"... joy in every area of your life, including work! If that sounds appealing to you, contact me today to set up a complimentary coaching session. You CAN build a thriving practice while finding joy and fulfillment along the way!