My Clients… In Their Own Words

“I’ve been in the legal profession for 14 years, and now I’m in a new arena, solo practice. Paula’s a confidant, a cheerleader and a kick-ass coach.

Being a solo practitioner is new to me. Knowing Paula is on my side makes me feel that I’m not alone. And that’s a big thing it gives me confidence.

We’ve been working together for two years and I have come to understand the importance of networking. I never did before, not like I do now. I have a better understanding about how to generate business. We talk about “touch points”. We talk about following up, who have I touched today, or who have I touched this week.

She calls me out on my bullshit. I had an issue with a couple of clients, and she got on the phone with me that night at 9:30. I started complaining and she asked, “What’s really the problem?” She basically told me I was being a baby. We worked through it. We identified the REAL problem. The problem was not the situation; it was how I was reacting to it. This sums it up: We figure out the problem and we solve the problem.

When I first met her I didn’t have business cards. She gave me a blank card to use and said, ‘We’re going to fix that’. Two sessions later I was her client and I had business cards. I’m proud of her for that.

I’m not one of those guys who uses hyperbole, believe me, she’s 100% committed. Her accessibility is off the chart. Even, if she’s in a meeting. Phone calls on Sunday nights. Phone calls at 6 in the morning. She is incredibly committed.

Anyone who is her client has to understand that SHE IS A RESOURCE. I used to wait until the monthly meeting to tell her about an issue and she’d say, ‘Why didn’t you call before?’

Now we even make it a point to schedule a monthly phone call in addition to the meeting, and I text a lot.”

– Small Business Transactions & Litigation, Solo Firm

“I have worked with a number of different ‘professional coaches’ during my career, and Paula is the only one I would recommend because she is the only one who gave me useful, actionable advice.  Often, the coaches I have worked with previously offered good advice, but it was too shallow to really be helpful.  Paula not only offered advice, but also provided support and assistance in acting on that advice.  For example, I have often been told that publishing in an area of professional expertise is useful for business development.  That is undoubtedly true.  However, Paula took that standard advise much further – together we made a list of potential topics and considered possible co-authors, we researched and approached various industry and trade publications (rather than the typical legal publications where lawyers publish), and created a timeline to measure progress towards the goal.

With Paula’s support, my partner and I have started our own practice.  We also have a systematic and effect system in place for business development, keeping track of contacts, and managing referrals.

Paula is ‘always’ available – that is not a cliché or an exaggeration.  Whether by text, email, phone, or an in-person meeting, Paula has always been available when we needed her.”

– Corporate Litigator, Small Start-Up Firm

“Paula’s coaching keeps me focused daily on what is important; consistency and honesty to what I do and how far I can push myself and still be effective.

Paula makes me look at the hard decisions and see that there is another way, even when I am blocked. Sometimes I am too close to a situation and she gives me a different perspective. I may not always have the strength to make the move I know is needed, and she is supportive and patient and does not focus on the negative, just the positive that could be possible.

Paula has so much experience in dealing with business, clients and brand growth that just a simple conversation can be a learning session. She understands that it’s not always easy and that most of the time clients are not forming a line outside your door. She makes me see that I have to be the spark for growth, and by being who I am, I can grow. If I follow her guidance, it all becomes clearer and less difficult.

Paula spent an entire Sunday with me to develop my business plan when I wanted to propose partnership to my now partner. I felt I was not worthy and after spending the day with her I experienced an AHA moment, I was not only worthy, I was going to make this business amazing and successful. That was 4 years ago and my business is Amazing and Successful. Paula showed me that I could be the change maker and I had the power – she was right!”

– Small Business Owner, Partner

“Paula provided me with solid, sound practical advice that energized me and helped give me the confidence I needed that the lull in my practice could be overcome (it has!).

My practice is a big part of my life.  Feeling good about my future in the profession spills over to my view of life in general.

She helped me realize that I need to prepare in advance for networking opportunities and social events (now better recognized as practice development opportunities).  I no longer simply show up.

Paula is an incredible source of legal marketing/practice development theory, methods, and experience.  An insurance company commercial reminds me of Paula.  The spokesman on the commercial says, “Talk to Farmers we know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

She doesn’t just give you answers.  She probes and pushes you to fashion an approach that works for you individually – or you can reasonably adapt to.

Paula spent hours and hours delving into my personal and professional life, again probing and pushing me to come up with a plan – which she would challenge and augment.

I have, unfortunately, squandered countless promising practice development opportunities in the past because I failed to recognize them ‘til she pointed some of them out to me.

I know she is always there if I need her.  That, in and of itself, is a confidence builder. Paula is top notch; she’s my ‘secret sauce.’

– Litigation Practice Chair, Large Regional Firm

“Being happy in my personal life is part of my business’s success. So Paula and I always discuss that as well. She understands that you don’t leave work at the office or personal problems at home. If one is a mess, it will transfer to the other. If my personal life is particularly stressful, she focuses on that, knowing that the success of my business is directly tied to it. It is refreshing to not have to hide what is going on in my personal life.

I quit networking groups or organization that I did not get personal fulfillment from. She helped me see that the ROI of the time spent on activities that did not compensate for the energy that it took from me emotionally. She supports me in spending time on philanthropic groups where the focus is not on building my business, but on building relationships. She believes that just because you cannot put a dollar amount on every connection that I invest in, does not mean that the relationship could not end up being most financially or personally fulfilling long-term.

She challenges me to raise my expectations of my goals and myself.

She does not let the lawyer mind control. She can see above the minutiae. When I have thought, “No, I can’t do that, because I’m a lawyer, and lawyers can’t/don’t do that, she asks, ‘why not…?’  This is why I appreciate that she is not a lawyer. She challenges the tired framework or expectations. She is innovative and really a visionary in the legal field.

She doesn’t let me forget my successes when I feel stagnant. She reminds me of who I am, how far I have come, and reminds me what my priorities are. She does not let me focus on goals that are not in line with who I am and what she knows I really want.

We know that the “big” problems do not wait until the next appointment time. I have called Paula when I thought I just could not manage something and she puts things in perspective, helps me focus on what matters and what I can control, and this is often more valuable then the time of scheduled meetings. I also call her when I have good news I can’t wait to share. I enjoy sharing good news with her more than with anyone else because she understands how much it means to me, because she knows the worst of what I have gone through. It is special to have someone to share the ups and downs with, who genuinely care about seeing you out of the low spots and who celebrates your achievements with you.”

– Tax Litigator, Small Firm

“Paula has a wonderful personality and is truly a voice of reason. She provides valuable insight and clarity to situations that had become blurry to me. The impact Paula has made is by making that voice of reason so loud and ever present that when I am faced with decisions, I now find myself pausing to listen and hear that voice in the back of my head. The voice of reason is something we all have and sometimes tend to not listen to it. By working with Paula, she has supported me in remembering to stop and listen to the voice of reason I already knew but had somehow lost.

Paula’s career experiences are magnificent. I am so honored and fortunate to have met someone who is willing to share ALL aspects of her experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. By sharing her story, she sheds light on how things are or how they can be. Her honesty and authenticity bring me comfort and make me feel like I have the power to create my own future.

She has a strong commitment to my success. In our monthly meeting, we uncovered a valuable opportunity. This opportunity would need a great deal of “emergency” personal attention. Paula insisted on a second meeting for the month and did not accept any additional compensation for her time.”

– Small Business Owner, Founder

“I’ve worked with Paula since 2012. Her impact has evolved from when we first started. Ultimately it brought more focus to my professional practice. It has helped me to have a clearer identity as a lawyer and what I want to offer and whom I want as my clients. It has helped me to crystallize where I want to go as a lawyer and what I enjoy doing and what I don’t enjoy doing. She has helped me create the kind of practice I want.

Our work together has helped clarify what my true priorities are. I am one person with different facets. She has helped to make sure that I am giving enough to my personal life. She has had a positive effect and helped determine what my real priorities are.

She has helped me identify obstacles, remove them or reduce their effect on me. She has helped to amplify my strengths and goals and focus on what I want to work towards, trying not to be distracted by things that are consuming my mental energy. She helps me focus on making things better and not on things that are wasting time.

She is positive and supportive. She’ll say let’s look over here, you say this but how about x, y and z? She does it in a non-threatening way. Paula’s a very good reality check. She gives an honest opinion. Also, I appreciate getting advice from someone who is not a lawyer.

I refer to her as my business therapist. She wants to understand how you’re viewing things. She probes to understand what is holding you back. She is looking for faulty assumptions. Maybe because of fear of failure you don’t want to do this, that or the other. She challenges those thoughts. She provides alternative views to those assumptions. She’s definitely not afraid to call “bullshit” when she thinks you’re not being honest with yourself. She forces you to be honest with yourself. Forces you to think about things you’re not thinking about critically and focus on things that you’re overlooking or allowing yourself to make excuses when you shouldn’t be or to think about ongoing problems that you haven’t been looking at on your own.

For example, I got to the point where I was leaving my former firm and starting my own firm. My former partner and I didn’t want the same things. I had been thinking about it, but didn’t know how to implement the change. Together, Paula and I navigated the transition. It was an evolution. It took a while because there were a number of obstacles to making that move: clients, personal, professional, financial. Working together with Paula we found the path. It helped me to have someone like her to help me and give me a reality check and make sure I had covered all the bases

It was as smooth a transitions, as could be expected, as evidenced by the fact that I left the firm and remained good friends with my former partner. Leaving my former firm knowing I had access to her business know-how is what I needed. Now I have my own firm and it is a fulfilling experience.

Paula is accessible; I recently made a connection with a lawyer I’ve been talking to about joining my practice and needed Paula’s input. She got the email, read it and responded within 15 minutes. She called me and we had a good discussion about it. She has made it clear that she’s available. She’s available any time: Saturday, Sundays, mornings, nights and any time of the week, every hour of the day.”

– Corporate Litigator, Small Firm

The work I do with clients is highly confidential so the names have been omitted. Should you wish to speak to someone I work with I would be happy to set up a call.