Three Ways to Demonstrate Your Expertise and Credibility to Potential Clients

Your credibility is very important for business development. Potential clients want to hire a lawyer that they can trust. And referral sources want to send business to a lawyer who is an expert at what they do.

How much time did you spend in school learning your profession? How much time have you invested on continuing legal education and building your experience to help you develop and hone your craft? You are an expert… but do people perceive you as credible?

Do potential clients see you as just another lawyer…or do they see you as an authority in your legal field? If you can have a face-to-face meeting with them, you will have the chance to demonstrate how knowledgeable you really are…but it’s not always easy to arrange a face-to-face.

So, how will these people develop their perception of your level of expertise? You need to take proactive steps to demonstrate that you are GREAT at what you do. Below are three ways to demonstrate your expertise and credibility to potential clients.

1) Seek out opportunities to write articles for publications. Whether you are writing a newspaper op-ed, a piece for a legal journal, or some other article for a trade magazine or newsletter, published articles can increase your credibility. Few things scream “expert” like a published article.

2) Start blogging. Consider launching your own legal blog that will allow you to write brief articles on your area of expertise. Through posting insightful content, you can develop a reputation as an expert on your area of work. I have seen this work for many lawyers – over time, a focused blog helps them become recognized as the go-to lawyer in their area of focus.

3) Speak. Look for opportunities to speak to an audience – bar functions, networking events, industry seminars, and so on. You can even use blog entries and articles as an outline of your speech. Speaking to an audience is a powerful way to communicate your expertise and enhance your credibility.

You’re GREAT at what you do. But do others recognize that ability and expertise?

I’d love to talk to you about how to accomplish this. Let’s schedule a thirty-minute coaching session to discuss how I can help YOU create a thriving practice.