James A. Peterson

It seemed that I was always overwhelmed by work with no energy to socialize. Not able to take more that 2 – 3 days off. That all changed. Paula has instilled in me… I need to make time. So, I made time—to take a 2-week vacation to Paris, the next year to Scotland and this year— I made the time to marry the love of my life! All the while growing my firm. She helped me verbalize my goals, put them in writing, and Read More

Kisha’sha B. Sharp

Paula Black helps to make your life better because with her coaching you find ways to focus on your purpose and those things that bring you joy.  She also helps you to be kinder to yourself while you work towards your goals. She assists you to identify areas for improvement, a mechanism to create better habits, an accountability system, and measures to help you pivot when necessary.   Paula is more than just a Read More

Cindy Marshall

Paula Black, my professional coach, and book publisher has been instrumental in transforming my life, both professionally and personally. First, Paula encouraged me to complete my book about my valiant battle with breast cancer that I started 9 years ago, and more importantly she taught me how to distill my message to resonate with my readers. Paula held me to a tight schedule, helped me identify my audience, and Read More

Karen Lapekas

Paula Black focuses on my happiness and me as an individual. She reminds me that other people’s successes and dreams are not necessarily my own, so she doesn’t push me to go down a track she knows won’t give me satisfaction. Paula encourages me by reminding me what I already have and what I have already done. That makes her encouragement credible—it’s fact-based. And she keeps it simple. She breaks seemingly Read More

Ruth Jean

Paula Black has helped me focus on what is important to me—family. I build my business around my family and lifestyle goals and Paula has helped me understand that my desires and goals for my life matters. Paula Black’s coaching has helped me to make wise decisions regarding marketing and business development that have paid off. My business income has steadily increased, and I have been able to narrow my Read More

Kate Johnson

Paula has coached me through the ever-changing world of fortune 500 corporate America. By getting to know me on both a personal and professional level, she has helped me find what's important to me and what brings me joy. Then we developed a methodology to incorporate those things into everything I do inside and outside the office. Whatever I'm facing, Paula helps me break down the issues, work through the options Read More

Lauren Smith

I’ve known Paula for more than a decade and have watched her transform her own life to creatively build the kind of success and balance that she encourages for her clients. She has had a tremendous impact on my executive search career. When we first worked together more than 10 years ago, Paula helped me to cut out all the extra stuff that wasn’t working for me but was taking up my time. She also helped me to Read More

Laura Reich & Clarissa Rodriguez

Without a doubt, working with Paula Black to help tackle time management issues, to create sustainable work (and life) habits, and plans for getting things done has been the most instrumental part of creating a successful business. Paula Black’s coaching is the reason we have a business today. Paula not only encouraged us— but gave us the concrete steps to make it happen. We worked on a business plan, created Read More

Marcia Hansen

Paula Black and I met at a vulnerable time in my life when for the first time in my life I lacked self-confidence. Always being a happy go lucky girl within bred self-confidence, I found myself in an unknown territory for myself where I questioned everything. Paula’s guidance, support, enthusiasm and positivity brought me out from the cloud I was under and renewed the confidence I had lost in myself. Our meetings Read More

Saidin Hernandez

Paula is a straight shooter! Her 30 years of running her own business is invaluable. She is great at problem solving and allows you to look at it from a different viewpoint. I think it is a great asset that Paula is not a lawyer because she steps out from our typical box. Paula is not just a great coach I consider her a friend. She got to know me on a very personal level. She knows my insecurities and Read More