Michelle Estlund

Paula encouraged me to step beyond my comfort zone and start a niche practice of Interpol defense. I knew I would love doing the work, but I didn’t know how to start a niche practice or how it would affect the rest of my practice.

Paula believed she knew how to make it happen, and she took the time to get to know me both personally and professionally so that we could design a law practice that I loved. As a business development initiative, Paula suggested that I start a blog. Although that sounded daunting, I took a deep breath and started the Red Notice Law Journal.

It turned out to be the best step I ever took to develop my practice. After including Interpol in my practice and starting a blog, I was able to see that both domestic and international government agencies read my blog. Leading human rights organizations in the United States and Europe consulted with me on Interpol issues and clients sought me out. I have become a recognized authority on Interpol matters in both foreign and domestic courts. Paula was right- she knew how to make it happen, and we did.

Michelle EstlundInterpol Defense Lawyer