Lauren Smith

I’ve known Paula for more than a decade and have watched her transform her own life to creatively build the kind of success and balance that she encourages for her clients. She has had a tremendous impact on my executive search career. When we first worked together more than 10 years ago, Paula helped me to cut out all the extra stuff that wasn’t working for me but was taking up my time. She also helped me to visualize a practice around my passion – helping companies build impactful and diverse boards. About 5 years ago, I decided to take a leap and transition to only doing corporate board searches. Paula has helped me to grow my board practice and supported me in writing exceptional thought pieces. As a result of her encouragement and advice, I was recognized this year by the National Association of Corporate Directors when I was named to the Directorship 100 – one of only seven in my profession. A career highlight and a priceless credential to share with prospective clients. Thank you, Paula, for helping me make my dreams come true!

Lauren SmithManaging Director in the Board Practice of Diversified Search Group