Not Being Present: 3 Ways It Can Hurt You, and What You Can Do About It

When we get overwhelmed, we think we need to multi-task to keep things going. You’re on a call with a client and the kids want attention. Your boss asks for a status report, so you give him an off the cuff response. You are reading a brief while you are on a conference call with another client. Sound familiar? Probably so, or at least you have your own version of these situations.

Here are the facts:

  1. You don’t make good decisions when your thoughts are elsewhere.
  2. You’re not really taking in all the details of what’s happening at the moment; so can you do as well as you want to do?
  3. You’re not fully listening, so what exactly are you hearing?

No matter what your goals are, this way of life can hurt your progress. What can you do about it? STOP! Stop for a moment and think, think about what needs your attention.

Be present, then move on to the next task. It actually saves time over trying to tackle three things at once! I’m not saying this is easy. It takes focus. But if you can hone this skill, the rewards will be great! You won’t have to re-do things and you just might hear or see something you never would have heard or seen before. You just might have an AHA moment!