How to Move Forward with Good Plans… Instead of Waiting for Perfection

Being a perfectionist can be an asset as a lawyer. It’s VERY important for you to get the details right when working on a client matter or appearing in court.

But in other ways, being a perfectionist can actually hold you back. Especially when it comes to business development. Being a perfectionist can keep you from making progress with plans that are good but perhaps not quite “perfect”… plans that would move your practice forward. Instead of sitting still.

Here are three specific opportunities to STOP waiting for perfection and instead make progress. I’m sure there are many more that you could identify for yourself.

1) Articles and blog entries. How many articles do you have on your computer that are mostly completed but you haven’t finalized yet? You may think they are not quite perfect yet… but meanwhile, how many opportunities have you missed out on because potential clients or referral sources haven’t seen the articles? If the articles or blog entries are very good… get them published and start building your credibility!

2) Leadership roles in your organizations. I encourage most of my clients to get very involved in a small number of strategically important organizations. This involvement is a chance for the lawyer to build key relationships and demonstrate his or her expertise in front of an important audience. But so many lawyers are afraid to put the wheels in motion because they haven’t figured out EXACTLY how they will respond to every possible contingency that may come up in the next year. Don’t overthink it. Have confidence in yourself, in your abilities, and in your plan!

3) Your overall business development plan. Unless you’ve got all the business you could ever want, both currently and in your pipeline for the future, it’s important to have a business development plan. And you need to devote time and strategic thought to creating this plan. But you can’t let your perfectionism make you obsessed with getting every single detail of every single initiative exactly right. Get started! Get out there! Build relationships and generate business! Don’t feel the need to figure out every last detail… you can adjust and adapt your plan as necessary. The important thing is that you’re out there doing it.

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