Make A Life… Not Just a Living: 3 Questions to Get You Started

It’s the beginning of the year and I hope that you have reviewed the results and growth you experienced last year, along with creating a plan for 2017. That’s not on your radar screen? Okay. Maybe you’ve become complacent and resigned to your situation. Well my friend, that is a very dangerous place to be and an even more dangerous place to stay. You can’t stay there. Here are 3 questions that just may give you a jolt and ignite your possibilities.

  1. Are you just going thru the motions?

Your enthusiasm has faded and the chances for advancement are slim. The exciting work you love never seems to land on your desk. Does this sound familiar? If so, I ask you… How many more years are you going to tolerate such an oppressive situation?

  1. Have you checked your attitude lately?

No I mean… really checked. Chances are if you are in an unfulfilling situation, you have a bad attitude. You’re probably negative and judgmental as opposed to positive and encouraging. Or maybe you’re saying… “But Paula, you don’t understand… I’m a realist.” That’s a copout! It’s simply justifying where you are so you don’t have to face the possibility of change. Change can be scary, but it’s part of the journey. What you want just may be worth the change.

  1. Who or what are you doing it for?

If you are unhappy doing what you’re doing, most likely you aren’t doing it for yourself. You took the job because someone else thought it was a good idea. You stay because you don’t want to disappoint someone. Or maybe the money is good and you have built a lifestyle so that you can’t live on less… a financial trap. There is always a way out if you are willing to find it.

Think about these questions. Examine your answers. How long are you going to tolerate your situation? Change is hard and it takes time, so the sooner you get started, the closer your new LIFE will become a reality. Whether you are looking to build your practice where you are, find a new firm, start your own firm, move from the public sector to private sector or vice versa, or… just stop the madness…. Make a LIFE Not Just a Living.