Could You Be on the Highway to Disaster?

Do you want a sure-fire way to predict when something is going to go terribly wrong? There is a way and it’s not a crystal ball or Ouija board.

It’s complacency. The legal profession is changing rapidly, and the ability to spot and adapt to the changes is invaluable. Are you stuck in… I’m too busy! I don’t do online advertising! I only get business by referrals! I hate networking!

Complacency comes in many forms. The most harmful to a lawyer’s business is… “I’m too busy!” Yes, I acknowledge that you may have a heavy workload, but I ask you… Are you working as efficiently as you could? Are you leveraging the skills of a team? Are you making every minute you spend on business development count? If not maybe you have become complacent and begun to settle for business as usual! Now that you know complacency is a sure sign of impending disaster… what are you going to do about it?

Here’s some inspiration: a quote to download and print out to put in a place you will see to remind you to NEVER live in complacency!