Four Steps That Will Help You Control Your Destiny

Are you running a “feast or famine” practice? If you are overwhelmed with work and have no time to develop business… then when you’re finished with the work at hand there is nothing on the horizon… THAT my friend is a feast or famine practice. And to tell you the truth, I see this with lawyers more often than not. Whether or not you are a solo or work for a huge global firm, not making time for business development has serious consequences.

So, what can you do about it? Here are four steps to put into place that will have great impact over time.

1. Do something every single day. You will be surprised at how little things add up. If you make one phone call or send one email… every single day at the end of a year you will have reached out to 365 people… THAT is significant!

2. Develop your personal brand. Branding is a perception… and perceptions can be altered. Who knows that better than lawyers? Decide which traits are assets that serve you and which ones are disconnected from the personal brand you want to project.

3. Find Your Niche. First and foremost because you love it! Read about it, write about it and talk about it… In a very public way and an internal way. Be the “go to person” in your chosen niche.

4. And lastly, I believe every lawyer should have a well thought through LinkedIn profile and firm bio. What condition are yours in? Do they reflect your refined personal brand and niche that will be your focus?

If you are sick and tired of running a feast or famine practice, these steps could help you break the cycle.

If you would like to discuss this a little more in-depth shoot me an email!