Five Ways to Work Business Development into Your Everyday Routine

If you, like many lawyers, are constantly worried about where the next matter is going to come from… chances are you haven’t REALLY committed to business development. Many lawyers that I work with are terrified by the idea of “committing” to anything else… because they already feel stressed out and overworked. The good news is that “business development” doesn’t have to take over your week. Quite to the contrary, you can get some real traction just by working small actions into your schedule. Here are five quick, easy, and effective examples:

1) Call past clients and see how they’re doing… and if there’s anything you can take off their plate. Pick up the phone. Give your past clients a call and ask them what they’ve been up to. Then ask them if there’s anything that you can take off their plate. You might be surprised by how often the answer is “yes!”

2) Write an article or blog entry. If you’ve got twenty minutes, sit down and type up a article or blog entry. Write about a subject or an area of the law that showcases your expertise. Then publish it and you’ll have another way of demonstrating to your market that you REALLY know what you are talking about.

3) Make follow-up calls to industry contacts. Identify several key strategic relationships and give those people a call. Look for opportunities to GIVE rather than GET. Over time this approach will pay dividends.

4) Forward interesting articles to individuals in your network. Finally, when you’re on the internet or reading emails and you see an article that may be of interest… take thirty seconds and forward it on to the person who may appreciate it. It takes less than a minute, but it shows the person that you’re thinking about them and that you care.

5) Ask someone to lunch. Every week schedule at least two lunches. Face to face interactions are the foundation of a strong relationship and there is no better way than to share a meal.

Business development doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Shoot me an email today if you’d like to discuss this subject further!