Do you focus on your numbers or do you ignore them?

There are key numbers every lawyer should keep track of in order to grow their practice. Many are important, but I’m talking about the select few that could make a difference to the growth of your practice if you focused on them?

Here are some to consider:

1. Do you have a revenue goal for the year?
2. How many hours do you need to bill monthly in order to meet your
annual financial goal?
3. How much do you need to bill on a daily basis in order to meet your
annual financial goal?
4. How many cases/files will get you to your annual goal?
5. How many cases/files do you need to be working on a month in order to
meet your annual financial goal?
6. How many presentations/consultations do you need to make to land
a new client?
7. What is your cost per client acquisition?
8. Do you have a budget for expenses?
9. How many prospects do you need to have in your pipeline in order to
actually engage the number of cases you want?

If you had the answers to these questions and you focused on the numbers on a regular basis I guarantee you that you will be moving in the right direction. When we focus… many other necessary things become aligned. If you know how many presentations/consultations you need to land a client… you start looking for opportunities to make those presentations or consultations, instead of just waiting for something to happen by chance. Take control of your practice by finding your key