Stop Holding Yourself Back: Three Ways to Fire Your Worst Critic

If you are like most lawyers… then YOU are your own worst critic! You’re highly skilled at finding problems in just about anything. That’s a great skill while you are practicing law… but when it comes to developing yourself and developing your practice, it can be fatal. If you’re constantly self-critiquing and killing enthusiasm for new ideas then guess what… you’re never going to grow. So today I want you to Read More

Four Ways to Shift From Networking to Building Relationships

Are you networking, or are you building relationships? Most lawyers hate “networking.” We’ve all been to those functions where you spend two hours walking around a room, shaking hands with everyone in site and exchanging business cards. When you get back to your office and empty out your pockets, you have a huge stack of business cards… but be honest, how many of those people do you ever interact with again? Read More

Four Steps That Will Help You Control Your Destiny

Are you running a "feast or famine" practice? If you are overwhelmed with work and have no time to develop business… then when you're finished with the work at hand there is nothing on the horizon... THAT my friend is a feast or famine practice. And to tell you the truth, I see this with lawyers more often than not. Whether or not you are a solo or work for a huge global firm, not making time for business development Read More

Are You Looking for ROI on Your Social Media?

I was at a conference in San Francisco on Social Media for Lawyers. Someone in the back of the room asked the panel members… “What is the ROI on social media?” Dan Goldman, General Counsel for Mayo Clinic gave a brilliant answer. “Let me ask you a question… What’s the ROI on your telephone? Social Media is simply a tool.” I think Goldman got to the heart of the matter. Those of us who have embraced this thing Read More

Are You Converting Your Prospects?

Okay... you are doing all the business development initiatives and your phone is ringing. You are even getting the opportunity to have an initial consultation. But you are not converting your prospects into clients. WHY? Most of my clients say they think it's about money. I think chances are 80% of the time it is something else. Here is my list of five questions you need to consider each time you get the Read More

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Please check back later, this section is coming soon! Read More

4 Ways to Maximize Your Referrals

Let’s discuss referrals: HOW and WHY to make them. First, there are many reasons why you recommend a lawyer... 1.To help your client... it's good client service. 2. In hopes that you will get referrals in return... referrals are currency. 3.To let that lawyer know that you think highly of them... you respect their work and want others to receive the benefit of that expertise. 4. To earn a referral fee... Read More

Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

Social media is here to stay. Sure it may evolve from moment to moment with the speed of lightening that we have not seen in the past. But there is no turning back the hands of time... that is for sure. Besides who would want to? So, embrace it or get left behind. Now, in my mind that doesn't mean you have to abandon old tactics for new tactics. I think it's the combination of old and new. Social media is a Read More

5 Ways to Make Your New Website Great

I ran across a great blog post at Lawyerist... Checklist for Creating a Great Law Firm Website.They remind us that planning in advance is essential to a successful website. Lawyerist zeros in on some great points for small firms and solos... here are a few: 1. Determine your market and define your unique selling proposition. I would like to add... what are your points of differentiation and will they resonate with Read More