Three Ways A Business Development Mindset Will Transform Your Practice

Business development isn’t something that comes naturally to most lawyers. It’s something that many lawyers wish they didn’t have to worry about. Wouldn’t it be nice if all we had to do to bring in business was hang a shingle and maybe put up a website? But that’s not the case… so you have two choices. You can neglect business development and rely on other people, luck, and serendipity to bring you work… or you can Read More

How NOT to Write Your Online Bio

Your online bio can be a powerful business development tool. When a new client looks you up online, you can bet they’re going to see your bio... it’s your chance to make a good first impression and demonstrate your credibility. But, you’ll notice that I said your bio CAN be a powerful tool… but for many lawyers, it isn’t. That’s because much of the time, the bio is written based on what the lawyer wants to say… Read More

What to Do When You DON’T Love What You Do

There’s nothing better than spending your time and your energy doing work that you LOVE. You’re excited to get up and come to work in the morning. You’re stimulated and challenged throughout the day. You’re fulfilled and you’re utilizing your gifts and abilities. But let’s be honest… for many of us, that’s not the case. I can’t tell you how many lawyers I’ve spoken to that HATE what they’re doing every Read More

Perfection… or Progress. Which Will You Choose?

I’m a perfectionist. And so are many of the lawyers I work with. What about you.. .are you a perfectionist? Some of us wear the title “Perfectionist” like a badge of honor. And there are many times when being a perfectionist is helpful. But it can be a double-edged sword. It holds us back. It keeps us from moving forward with ideas or opportunities that may be “very good”... but aren’t quite perfect. Does Read More

YES, You Do Have a Personal Brand…So Take Control of It!

What’s your personal brand? Some of the lawyers that I speak to disregard the idea at first - “I don’t have a personal brand.” When people think about a personal brand, they often think of celebrities like Donald Trump or Oprah…polar opposites of most lawyers! But the truth is that EVERYONE has a personal brand. Your personal brand is how the world perceives you. It’s your reputation…your character…your Read More

Have You Become Complacent? Don’t Miss the Three Warning Signs.

Complacency is a sign that something is about to go terribly wrong. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way…what about you? Complacency is dangerous because it brings us to a stand-still. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is rushing by! So ask yourself…have you become complacent? Are you engaged in your daily life…or are you just going through the motions? Are you settling for the status quo instead of THRIVING? Read More

How Do YOU Define Success? Four Questions to Consider

What does success mean to you? For most lawyers, the immediate answer is “more clients and more money.” But the question goes much deeper than that. I know plenty of lawyers who HAVE plenty of clients and plenty of money… but still aren’t happy with their career and their life. Today I’m going to highlight four questions that I think you should consider… questions that will help you think about what success Read More

Three Reasons to Make a Commitment to Business Development Today

You’re busy enough as it is… right? So why in the world should you add yet another task to your plate? Here are three reasons to make the commitment to business development: 1) End the “feast or famine” cycle. One month, you’re overwhelmed with work. Then, you complete the matter, and you spend the next two months frantically looking for your next case so that you can make payroll. Does this cycle sound familiar? Read More

Stop Holding Yourself Back: Three Ways to Fire Your Worst Critic

If you are like most lawyers… then YOU are your own worst critic! You’re highly skilled at finding problems in just about anything. That’s a great skill while you are practicing law… but when it comes to developing yourself and developing your practice, it can be fatal. If you’re constantly self-critiquing and killing enthusiasm for new ideas then guess what… you’re never going to grow. So today I want you to Read More

Four Ways to Shift From Networking to Building Relationships

Are you networking, or are you building relationships? Most lawyers hate “networking.” We’ve all been to those functions where you spend two hours walking around a room, shaking hands with everyone in site and exchanging business cards. When you get back to your office and empty out your pockets, you have a huge stack of business cards… but be honest, how many of those people do you ever interact with again? Read More