Dream Big: 20 Quotes to Inspire You.

Your dream to become a lawyer came true. So, now what? Don’t accept your current situation, if it isn’t what you really want. Continue to dream. Here are 12 quotes that just may inspire you to dream again. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson “The only thing worse than starting something and failing … is not starting Read More

Not Being Present: 3 Ways It Can Hurt You, and What You Can Do About It

When we get overwhelmed, we think we need to multi-task to keep things going. You’re on a call with a client and the kids want attention. Your boss asks for a status report, so you give him an off the cuff response. You are reading a brief while you are on a conference call with another client. Sound familiar? Probably so, or at least you have your own version of these situations. Here are the facts: You Read More

Schedule Time to THINK About What You Want: 5 Lists That Will Get You Started

People spend more time planning vacations than planning their lives. Does that ring true for you? Decide what you want in your life and create a strategy to get you there. It sounds easy, but not so fast! Here are 5 lists you can make that will help you get started. Set aside a block of time to REALLY think about what you put on these lists. Ask your friends and family how they see it, especially with regards to Read More

Are Things Going Sideways? 4-Steps to Gain Clarity.

Long gone are the days that we work our entire careers for one employer and at retirement look forward to a gold watch. Doesn’t that sound absurd in today’s world? If you look back on your life so far, I bet you will see many times when you couldn’t have imagined that you would be where you eventually ended up. You drove some of those changes and others just swept you away. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in the Read More

Are You Content with Your Life? 2 Ways to Look at Contentment.

It’s not contentment that makes most of us type-A personalities happy. It’s actually the opposite. It’s the moments when we are striving, driving, and reaching. That’s when we feel the most energized and alive. Yet we strive for contentment amid chaos and overwhelming moments. Something must be missing, right? I believe there are two ways to look at contentment and dissatisfaction... Maybe you already have Read More

Make A Life… Not Just a Living: 3 Questions to Get You Started

It’s the beginning of the year and I hope that you have reviewed the results and growth you experienced last year, along with creating a plan for 2017. That’s not on your radar screen? Okay. Maybe you’ve become complacent and resigned to your situation. Well my friend, that is a very dangerous place to be and an even more dangerous place to stay. You can’t stay there. Here are 3 questions that just may give you a Read More

Five Ways to Work Business Development into Your Everyday Routine

If you, like many lawyers, are constantly worried about where the next matter is going to come from… chances are you haven’t REALLY committed to business development. Many lawyers that I work with are terrified by the idea of “committing” to anything else… because they already feel stressed out and overworked. The good news is that “business development” doesn’t have to take over your week. Quite to the contrary, you Read More

How to Find Fulfillment… Even in a Difficult Situation

Life is too short to spend it doing something you hate. That’s why it’s so important to define success for yourself and work towards a career and a life that energizes you and fulfills your passion. But I can hear the objections now… “Paula, that sounds great, but I’m stuck in this job and I hate it but I can’t leave because there’s nothing better…” I get it… most of us can look back at our career and identify Read More

Perception Matters: Why Your Expertise and Credibility Really Matter

In my last blog we discussed three ways that you can demonstrate to potential clients that YOU are an expert in your area of practice. In this blog post we will delve a bit deeper into WHY it is so important that you take action to build your expertise and credibility. Here are three big reasons: Most potential clients don’t “see you in action” before they retain you. Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to Read More

3 Ways Self-Criticism Can Derail Your Business Development Efforts

When you are your own worst critic, you are only hurting yourself and your legal practice. Maybe you think too much about why your ideas will fail, maybe you are obsessed with perfection, or maybe you don’t allow yourself to feel good about the progress you are making. This kind of negativity can derail your business development efforts. Here’s why…. 1) Self-criticism will destroy your momentum Business Read More