Coaching & Consulting

Coaching: Business Development for Lawyers

“Business development is the cornerstone of a thriving practice.”

I have the ability to help lawyers make sense of complex and disparate legal business issues and situations.

I do this by acknowledging the uniqueness of your experience and expertise and by listening carefully. This enables me to help you figure out how to have a thriving and sustainable legal practice, love what you do… AND have time for a great life outside of work.

We will use my unique 7-Step Formula, which I will explain to you in depth during your complimentary thirty-minute coaching session.

I assure you that we WILL move your practice forward, and that you’ll have fun doing it.

If that sounds like a place you would like to be and you are committed to getting there… I would love the opportunity to help you on your journey. Let’s talk!

Contact me to set up a FREE thirty minute coaching session to discuss your practice and to determine how I can help.


Career Development and Retirement Planning: What Does Your Future Look Like?

“I’ll help you create a plan for the future – and then we’ll set the wheels in motion so that the plan becomes reality.”

Many lawyers are trapped on the treadmill of short-term demands on their time. Whether it’s urgent and important work for a client, trying to stay on top of your administrative work, or scrambling to meet the demands of your managing partner or practice group leader – it’s easy to get bogged down in daily work.

The problem with this is… one day, you’ll wake up and wonder where your career is headed. You’ll realize that you don’t like your job. You’ll realize that retirement is just around the corner and you have no idea how to handle that transition.

I provide career development and retirement planning for lawyers who want to focus on the big picture. I’ll help you identify your goals for your career (and after), and then help you shift your focus and align your efforts so that, day-by-day and week-by-week, you are moving towards a future that is fulfilling, sustainable, and secure.

Contact me to set up a FREE thirty minute coaching session to discuss your practice and to determine how I can help.

Consulting: Strategic Planning for Small and Mid-Size Law Firms

“My unique talent is to look at the component parts of your business and align them is such a way that you can move your firm forward.”

Consulting is for those lawyers, practice teams, committees, and entire firms grappling with change and growth. The question is… “will the best practices of the past get you where you want to go?” It is very likely the answer is NO. Not because of your methodology… but because the profession has changed. The world has changed. And a law firm needs to adapt to thrive in this new environment. To adapt… it starts with a strategic plan.

This sounds easy… it is far from it! It takes focus, commitment and an appetite for change. If your firm fits that description, I can help! I will collaborate with you to explore possibilities… the obvious and the outrageous— and everything in between. We will define the goals and set objectives. We will get into action with measurable results.

We will identify key issues such as:

  • Practice area opportunities.
  • Market opportunities.
  • Achieving dominance in an area or two.
  • Building a firm focused on business development.
  • Succession planning.
  • And many more.