Are Things Going Sideways? 4-Steps to Gain Clarity.

Long gone are the days that we work our entire careers for one employer and at retirement look forward to a gold watch. Doesn’t that sound absurd in today’s world?

If you look back on your life so far, I bet you will see many times when you couldn’t have imagined that you would be where you eventually ended up. You drove some of those changes and others just swept you away. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in the driver’s seat? So, what do you do when things are going sideways, you are unhappy, and you know something has got to change!

  1. Embrace the chaos. It is a signal that change is needed and may be on its way with or without your approval.
  2. Relax and observe. Yes, take a deep breath and look around. Examine what is causing the turmoil without making excuses.
  3. Trust that learning and growth are always part of success. Ask yourself: “What is the lesson in this situation?”
  4. Be non-judgmental in searching for your solution. Ask… Why not?
In today’s world there are so many opportunities that sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to choose. And maybe sometimes you don’t even have to choose; you can do more than one. Ask yourself… What is the lesson? Why not? And ask yourself these questions often!

Make the move! There is much at stake? You owe it to your family and colleagues.