3 Ways Self-Criticism Can Derail Your Business Development Efforts

When you are your own worst critic, you are only hurting yourself and your legal practice. Maybe you think too much about why your ideas will fail, maybe you are obsessed with perfection, or maybe you don’t allow yourself to feel good about the progress you are making.

This kind of negativity can derail your business development efforts.

Here’s why….

1) Self-criticism will destroy your momentum

Business development is about growth and progress. But too much criticism can stop you in your tracks. When you are overly critical, you will get bogged down in the details and overwhelmed by thoughts like “It’s not good enough.” You will stop your momentum and be unable to move forward with building a thriving practice.

2) Self-criticism will prevent you from dreaming big

A reasonable amount of self-criticism will allow you to reflect on your shortcomings and improve them. Too much self-criticism is like dumping cold water on your goals and dreams! If you get too caught up in looking for how your plans and ideas will fail, you might hesitate to take any risks or swing for the fences. Too much negativity will keep you from dreaming big!  

3) Self-criticism will cause you to miss opportunities

Success in business (and in life) requires that you take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. But too much negativity will keep you from taking hold of opportunity… because you’ll always manage to find “that one thing” that isn’t quite perfect. Learn to see opportunities for what they are… chances to improve your life and your practice, even if they aren’t quite perfect yet. Don’t be afraid to grab on to them.

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