Perfection… or Progress. Which Will You Choose?

I’m a perfectionist. And so are many of the lawyers I work with. What about you.. .are you a perfectionist?

Some of us wear the title “Perfectionist” like a badge of honor. And there are many times when being a perfectionist is helpful.

But it can be a double-edged sword. It holds us back. It keeps us from moving forward with ideas or opportunities that may be “very good”… but aren’t quite perfect.

Does this sound familiar? Is your computer hard drive full of half-written articles that “aren’t quite good enough” to publish? Are your folders packed with business development strategies that you never executed because there was a detail that you couldn’t get exactly right?

Let me tell you something… there is no such thing as perfect. Even if you make a plan that is “perfect” today, something is likely to happen tomorrow that will change things. So don’t wait for perfection, because it’s a goal that you’ll never reach. It’s an oasis in the desert that flickers in the distance but disappears when you get close. Meanwhile, you miss out on promising opportunities because you won’t move forward with “very good.”

Instead of waiting, do your best with the time, resources, and information you have available. If you have to adjust your plan next month or next year, so be it. The important thing is that you are moving forward… you’re making progress instead of waiting for perfection!

Give me call today if you’d like to discuss this subject in more depth!

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Written by Paula Black

Paula Black

"I will help you figure out a way to have a thriving practice... doing what you love... while having a great life outside of work." Does that sound too good to be true? It's not. I've helped hundreds of lawyers do exactly that. I believe that one can find harmony between work, family, and play. I've seen it happen, time and time again, and I know that it can happen for you, too. I believe that you really can "have it all"... joy in every area of your life, including work! If that sounds appealing to you, contact me today to set up a complimentary coaching session. You CAN build a thriving practice while finding joy and fulfillment along the way!