Build THRIVING Relationships by Learning to GIVE Before You GET

You aren’t going to grow your practice if you stay holed up in your office all week long. It’s important that you get out and build relationships that can help bring you new business and grow your practice.

Most people know this as “networking…” but I don’t like that word. Networking is when you walk around a room full of people, chat with someone for a moment or two, and exchange business cards that you will probably never use. What does that do for your business development? The answer is: almost nothing.

Instead, you should be building RELATIONSHIPS. Dedicate yourself to building strategic relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect and benefit. It is NOT something you can do overnight, or in one weekend conference. It takes time to establish trust, and you have to start by giving much more than you get.

Here are three ways you can start GIVING to others and building deep relationships that will pay dividends over time.

1) Referrals

One of the best ways to start a relationship on the right foot is to send them business. But don’t just send them anyone… take the time to get to know the lawyer so that you can send them the RIGHT kind of business. The right clients, who need the type of work that your contact wants to provide.

2) Expertise and Advice

You are an expert in your field. So share your knowledge! Let your friends and colleagues know that they can always feel free to call and consult with you if they have questions that you can answer. In addition to simply being helpful, this is also a chance for you to demonstrate your expertise and your deep knowledge of your area of practice.

3) Join Organizations and Share Resources

Joining relevant organizations is an excellent way to meet potential new contacts and clients. If you have the opportunity to introduce others to the key organizations you are a part of, they will be forever grateful. It is important to be strategic about this… only invite people to join you in an organization if there is a mutual fit… benefit to the organization from the person you introduce, and benefit to your colleague as well.

Relationship building is a process that takes patience and effort. You cannot expect to meet someone one day and have them start sending you referrals the next. You have to GIVE before you can expect to GET. If you take the time to build trust and grow these beneficial relationships, rather than simply networking, you will reap the benefits as the relationships mature.

Give me a call today if you’d like to discuss this further!

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Written by Paula Black

Paula Black

"I will help you figure out a way to have a thriving practice... doing what you love... while having a great life outside of work." Does that sound too good to be true? It's not. I've helped hundreds of lawyers do exactly that. I believe that one can find harmony between work, family, and play. I've seen it happen, time and time again, and I know that it can happen for you, too. I believe that you really can "have it all"... joy in every area of your life, including work! If that sounds appealing to you, contact me today to set up a complimentary coaching session. You CAN build a thriving practice while finding joy and fulfillment along the way!